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Since I do not know some of the new users personally, I would like to inform you of some of the basics around here. These are not rules, this is how the site works. When you register, you start out in the New User group. After 2 days OR (yes, OR. You can meet either requirement, whichever comes first) 15 posts in the forums, you go into the Members group, the general population. Unless you are a moderator or a site admin, there will most likely not be advancement. This may not sound fair to some, but believe me, you have every privilege except messing with other people's content. You have full rights to mess around with your content on the site. For example, User A can post a thread in the forum. You, User B, can post a message in there. You can delete your message, but not his thread. Average stuff.

Sorry, last minute add in to this post. You MUST have a confirmed email to be moved up.
Views: 556 | Added by: Des | Date: 2010-02-10 | Comments (0)

In case some of you don't know about this WONDERFUL domain name service, and have been looking for free domain names, go here and you can register for a free one. Keep in mind that their free domain names will be removed if you don't get 25 visits within 90 days. Of course, this site has one too because I love the fact that they give out free top level domain names with such minimal restrictions. Here's ours.
Views: 497 | Added by: Des | Date: 2010-02-09 | Comments (0)

I'd like to announce that ಠ_ಠ is now a fad, use it.
Views: 581 | Added by: Bobtheflyingmonkey | Date: 2010-01-30 | Comments (2)

For those of you that use Firefox, I have a Persona for you, if you have that add-on. It will get better very soon. I'm also working a theme. WAY better than a persona if you know how to do it right. I might throw that into the manual once I finish my guide for NDIS Wrapper.
Views: 564 | Added by: Des | Date: 2010-01-23 | Comments (0)

We now have a new site Icon, which makes more sense. It is officially dubbed the Des Site Smiley, but feel free to call it whatever you like. The complete one (not the one split in two parts up on the banner) can be found here and you may use it wherever you wish.
Views: 513 | Added by: Des | Date: 2010-01-19 | Comments (0)

For those of you that do not personally know me, I recently acquired a device known as a KVM Switch. This allows me to use the same Keyboard, Mouse, Speakers/Headset, Monitor, and other devices on multiple computers. I just press a button and it switches the signal from these devices over to the other computer.

This pretty much has nothing to do with you guys, if you were wondering. I was just happy.
Views: 534 | Added by: Des | Date: 2010-01-13 | Comments (0)

Finally on my OS of choice, I have great news. This is pretty much where I will work (and learn Python. That's right, Linux users, I have some stuff coming for you that I think you'll like!) and manage the site. Currently I'm attempting to get my Video Codec up and running (thanks to Wine, Camstudio is working quite well by itself) and then we'll be back in business.

I'm also going to add a tutorial on getting Network Drivers installed using NDIS Wrapper, as every single version on the net is Dysfunctional, Out dated, and hard to understand. Expect to find this in the manual very soon.
Views: 537 | Added by: Des | Date: 2010-01-09 | Comments (0)

I had to cut this for largeness... Click "Read More" or whatever it is to read it.
... Read more »
Views: 580 | Added by: Bobtheflyingmonkey | Date: 2010-01-04 | Comments (1)

Instead of having all those pesky ReadMe files floating around, I'm either going to create File Web (of various HTML documents) or a Compiled HTML Help file (of modified versions of various HTML documents) that will act as a Universal Manual for all of these things.
Views: 547 | Added by: Des | Date: 2010-01-02 | Comments (0)

Well, I've created (yes me, all by myself. I'm quite smart, if you didn't know) a program that launches SRB2 in window mode. Although, this isn't the launcher distributed by Sonic Team JR. This is one I coded, with no extra options. You just place it in your SRB2 Folder, double click it, and Bam. Keep in mind that the original EXE file must keep the original name of srb2win or else it won't work. I'll upload it in the morning, as it's very late, I'm tired, and I haven't created the ZIP folder or the ReadMe HTML document yet. This one isn't going to be an Installer, it's a grand total of 3 files. Yes, 3. It's open source (though I can't see how it can be improved, it's a simple task) so the original source file is going to be in there.
Views: 979 | Added by: Des | Date: 2010-01-02 | Comments (0)

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