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In transitioning over to Linux, there was one thing that bugged me. The command line was a little to complex for a beginner to remember. Now, you could use Google to find a tutorial on it, or you could use the manual built into it, but I've made another alternative. Using a feature called aliases, I can make so that typing in a command will refer to another command that has the function. It's like having a script, it remembers that string of commands to do some repeated task, but you still have to either find the script and run it, or navigate to it with the command line. That's a pain in the butt if you ask me. If you add the lines, given in the Project Center, to the bottom of your ~/.bashrc file, then the terminal suddenly accepts plain English. I, of course, am taking suggestions to add to the list on here. So far it accepts commands for moving, copying, deleting, editing, going to your home/root directories, opening up the gnome system monitor, and shortening "sudo apt-get install ... Read more »
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I've been noticing for a while now that people never get their Email accounts confirmed and never move past thew New User group, which has next to no permissions. I myself am not very big on actually confirming my Email on things. So, I changed the auto advance to only check to see if you've been a member for a certain time only, not on forum posts or confirmed Email.
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Ubuntu 10.04, something that I've been looking forward to for a VERY long time is coming out extremely soon. Within 6 days of today. So, to get spirits up and inform people along the way, here's a countdown to the release.

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I (yes, I. Bob doesn't know HTML whatsoever. BULLSHIT! Sorry, I forgot you could look up random commands on the internet and never bother to learn it yourself. BTW, your number is #FF00FF, not #9400D3) am coding a Project Center, since Bob and I do so many projects. I'm attempting to keep it as simple as possible, yet still effective. Like the Manual, but with CSS and more HTML tags than just <br> and <font>. Links to it will be available once the first branch is finished. For now, check out the Project Center Logo:

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Getting tired of the bad Puns yet? Good. Anyways, I got EXTREMELY lucky with my latest little project. I took my Linux Box and my Windows Box apart, took the Hard Drive out of the Linux Box (it had otherwise crappy parts) and opened up my Windows machine to see if I had enough room/cables for the job. I luckily had a cable with 2 data ports on it, so I was able to hook them up and set up my BIOS. My Linux HD is now the slave drive, as Windows is cranky without the master slot, and Windows is the master. I can boot off of either one, Windows by default. I'm probably not going to put a Manual entry about this, as I only recommend letting a professional take apart your computer.
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First off: NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY! How many times do I have to go over this?

Moving on, I've decided to do several things.
  • Possibly add a shop for items that I may create, like case mods and other things. I don't like having people pay for things though, so I'm going to try to make everything free unless a trademark requires it.
  • Lose my Team Fortress 2 addiction. We all know this will not happen.
  • Add a tutorial on making a Hamachi server over Garry's Mod, if I can actually get one working myself.

The main issue with the GMod Hamachi server is that the only person I have to test it with is Bob, who has next to no RAM. He crashes when downloading a file we both already have, and he crashes when making a server. This server will not be open to the public/constantly active.
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Yes, I'm going to use that a lot. A LOT. Anyways, I did what is possible, but not probable. I beat Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. So, it's time for my mini review. Click "Read more" to see it.
... Read more »
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As per required by the Forum Rules, I am to notify all users in a public message about them being changed. Here's your notice. I only added one line in there that I thought could have been understood naturally, but apparently not. The offending user has been notified.
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I have finally put everything aside for a few hours and began writing the HTML documents that compose The Manual. So far, I have completed two of them, the ones that I promised in the news. The one about changing Icons in EXE and DLL files is up, and I am currently uploading an Up-to-date NDISwrapper tutorial. Thank you very much, and if you need help, contact me.
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I have indeed found a way to modify Icons contained inside EXE and DLL files. Expect an entry about it in the Manual soon.
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