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With my new HTML generator, I have created the entry in the Project Center on how to make the HTML generator. The source is available as plain text on the web page as well as a .sh file. I have to say, that was the quickest I've ever made a web page. If I bothered to write the body section before hand, this thing could literally compile a page with only a little bit of my input. Quite fun.
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I am currently working on the 2nd project to show up in the project center. In short, it's a BASH script that writes HTML pages for me if I have the body section stored in another file. Otherwise it just writes my icon, filename, and CSS. Currently it's only equipped to handle Manual Pages (no formatting at all, save for basic HTML) and Project Center Pages (I make excuses to add lines to the CSS), and nothing else. I don't believe in people paying for things, or having to figure out how things work and making said things themselves, so the code behind will be available (in text file format and on the web page) and so will a download of the script itself. There's no alias for this one, but there will be a Manual Page on adding a custom script directory, so that you don't have to type "./" to access your script.
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