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In transitioning over to Linux, there was one thing that bugged me. The command line was a little to complex for a beginner to remember. Now, you could use Google to find a tutorial on it, or you could use the manual built into it, but I've made another alternative. Using a feature called aliases, I can make so that typing in a command will refer to another command that has the function. It's like having a script, it remembers that string of commands to do some repeated task, but you still have to either find the script and run it, or navigate to it with the command line. That's a pain in the butt if you ask me. If you add the lines, given in the Project Center, to the bottom of your ~/.bashrc file, then the terminal suddenly accepts plain English. I, of course, am taking suggestions to add to the list on here. So far it accepts commands for moving, copying, deleting, editing, going to your home/root directories, opening up the gnome system monitor, and shortening "sudo apt-get install ... Read more »
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