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Since I do not know some of the new users personally, I would like to inform you of some of the basics around here. These are not rules, this is how the site works. When you register, you start out in the New User group. After 2 days OR (yes, OR. You can meet either requirement, whichever comes first) 15 posts in the forums, you go into the Members group, the general population. Unless you are a moderator or a site admin, there will most likely not be advancement. This may not sound fair to some, but believe me, you have every privilege except messing with other people's content. You have full rights to mess around with your content on the site. For example, User A can post a thread in the forum. You, User B, can post a message in there. You can delete your message, but not his thread. Average stuff.

Sorry, last minute add in to this post. You MUST have a confirmed email to be moved up.
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