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I know it seems ridiculous that the site is still under construction, but it's ok! I think I'm almost done.

First off, the banner. I fixed the text (which is not text, but something inside the image) and had all the parts of the site locally hosted. It loads much faster now.

Want to know what happened to the text? It's hilarious, actually.

I was listening to Daft Punk at the time, and sent the link to my friend. Apparently, I thought Bob's link to the banner on his photobucket was still first on my clipboard, so I pasted it into my code and moved on.

Didn't work so well. When I went to get the "Banner", it took to me to a video of Around the World.

Just for the heck of it, I'm going to hide little Easter Eggs like that around the site just to see who finds them. The first person to PM me (not Email or anything else!) with where it is and what it does gets their Reputation increased.
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Yes, I changed the links in my custom CSS sheet to purple. And what a lovely purple it is.

I seriously didn't. I liked how it was on the main new page, So, 30 minutes of getting fed up with the customization section of my hosting later, I went into the CSS and changed it.

I like it. Send me some Feedback in my Private Messages.
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